Islamic Center of Fremont

Camp Tawheed

On popular demand, Camp Tawheed is back again this year with loads of fun and learning for all age groups including Pre-K, kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school and more (including camps for adults). We have a week, two week or a three week long camps. All the funds from Camp Tawheed go directly to the newly constructed Masjid Zakariya in Fremont, CA.

Last two years, Camp Tawheed was a big success Alhamdulillah! We had over 100 kids busy with amazing activities that kept them entertained throughout summer vacation. We raised about $20,000 for the masjid each year.

This year, the camps are back again with professional instructors, interesting curriculum, and a lot more fun! Location for the indoor and outdoor camps are in Fremont, CA.

Seats are limited! So rush and secure your choice camps now.

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