Islamic Center of Fremont

Tutoring and Homework Help

Assalam wa Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu, Alhamdulillah ICF has started homework help and tutoring program in Math, English and Physics to help students (boys and girls) of our community. The classes are for students from

ICF Daily Maktab Program for boys and girls now enrolling at both locations

ICF is starting enrollment for the Evening Maktab, an after school program for boys and girls, which is running under the guidance and supervision of Mufti Muddassir Sb. The curriculum will cover the following: Learn how

Fiqhul Ibaadaat

New Dars Series – Fiqhul ‘Ibaadaat

Notes: Intro & Taharah – link Wudhu – link, duas Tayammum – link Salah –