Islamic Center of Fremont

ICF Expansion Phase 1 Construction Status

Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah Subhanahu WaTa’ala, your dua and support the transformation of the new building is happening at a tremendous pace. InShaAllah with this pace and your dua’s and support, Phase 1 will be completed by end of Jan 2017.

Phase 1 construction includes the following:

  • Masjid (Men and Women),
  • Wudu Area (Men and Women), and
  • Education Center with Play Area

ICF New Expansion Center

Construction In Progress!

Target Completion:

May, 2017


  Last Updated: 4/24/2017
Milestones Status (Estimated)    Completion Date
Demolition Completed July, 2016
Construction Start – Temporary Fence & Power Completed August, 2016
Seismic Retrofit Completed October, 2016
Insulation (Roof) Completed October, 2016
Underground Work (Plumbing) Completed October, 2016
Framing Completed November, 2016
Air Conditioning (HVAC) Rough Completed November, 2016
Air Conditioning (HVAC) Completed March, 2017
Playground Area In Progress May, 2017
Electrical Rough Completed December, 2016
Plumbing Rough Completed December, 2016
Dry Wall Installation Completed January, 2017
Electrical Fixtures and Finishes In Progress April, 2017
Suspended Ceiling Completed March, 2017
Fire Sprinklers Completed March, 2017
Fire System In Progress April, 2017
Restrooms & Finish Plumbing Completed March, 2017
Flooring & Carpeting In Progress May, 2017
Final Inspection In Progress April, 2017
Temporary Occupational Permit In Progress May, 2017


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