Islamic Center of Fremont

Blissful Marriage: Fiqh of Marriage – Monday Feb 17 10:30 AM

The Islamic Center of Fremont is excited to host Blissful Marriage: Fiqh of Marriage event, on Monday February 17th from 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM at Masjid Zakariya. Come and learn about the


Talimuddin Course

ICF is starting a 2 year extensive Islamic studies course called Talimuddin course for brothers and sisters of all ages. We will be covering fiqh, tafsir, aqida, seerah and other subjects that every Muslim

Tutoring and Homework Help

Assalam wa Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,     Enrollment for ICF Adult & Youth-Led Tutoring is now open for year 2018 – 2019. We welcome all prospective parents to visit our tutoring center, so you


Sunday Islamic School

Please contact Imtiaz Mastan, Principal of Sunday School for admission either on his cell phone (510)468-7683 or through email The Islamic World Islam is the world’s second largest religion after Christianity. According to a 2010

ILM Academy - Knowledge is Light

ILM Academy

History Ilm Academy started as a collaborative brainchild of local scholars, a veteran educator, and Muslim parents in Irvington District, Fremont, who felt the pressing need for a full service Islamic school in the area.

Quran Ayah


This is a unique program offered by ICF for doing Hifz (memorization) of the holy Quran. This program is designed so as to allow the students to pursue their regular studies along with Hifz


Daily Maktab

Daily Maktab ICF Maktab offers classes in both ICF and Masjid Zakariya for boys and girls. The Maktab program is to teach kids how to recite the Holy Quran correctly with proper Tajweed and gain


ICF Youth Program

Notes from Previous Classes Lessons from his life Character_of_the_Prophet.pdf Enduring_Hardships.pdf Forgiveness_and_Pardon.doc He_As_Family_Man.doc His_Forbearance.doc His_Patience.doc His_Patience_II.doc His_Trust.doc His_generosity.doc His_miracles.doc Kindness_to_animals.doc Practice_Worksheet_for_Lessons_from_His_Life.pdf The_Beloved_Teacher_of_Mankind.doc How to be kind to your parents 3_Important_Stories.pdf AADAAB_OF_PARENTS.pdf AllahsCommand.pdf Different_Attitudes.pdf Encouragements_To_Be_Kind_To_Ones_Parents.pdf How_to_be_Kind_to_Parents.pdf Kindness_To_Parents.pdf More_ways_of_Kindness_to_parents.pdf Reward_and_Virtues.pdf Shining_Examples.pdf Stories_of_Ungratefulness.pdf Worksheet.pdf Islam the way of life Islam_the_way_of_life.pdf Islamic Manners DEALINGWITHNONMUSLIMS.pdf ENTERING_or_LEAVING_a_HOUSE.pdf IMPORTANCE_OF_APPEARANCE.pdf MANNERS_of_EATING_and_DRINKING.pdf Manners_of_Attending_Weddings_and_Condolences.pdf SOCIAL_MANNERS_Part_1.pdf Social_Manners_Part_2.pdf Lessons from the lives of Sahaba Abdullah_ibn_Masud.pdf AbuHurairaandtheThief1.pdf Abu_Bakr.pdf ChildrensDevotionToIslam.pdf Devotion_to_Salah.pdf HazratBilal.pdf Honoring_Parents.pdf MiraclesOfTheSahabah.pdf Preffering_Others.pdf Umar_ibn_al-Khattab_Embracing_Islam.pdf Women_Sahaba.pdf Lessons from the lives of Sahabiyat Lesson_10_Umm_Sahreek.pdf Lesson_11_Umm_Sulaym_bint_Malhan.pdf Lesson_12_Bint_Uqbah.pdf Lesson_1_Haleemah.pdf Lesson_2_Sawdah.pdf Lesson_3_Ayesha.pdf Lesson_4_Fatimah_bint_al-Khattab.pdf Lesson_5_Umm_Ma`bad.pdf Lesson_6_Zaynab.pdf Lesson_7_Ruqayyah.pdf Lesson_8_Umm_Kulthum.pdf Lesson_9_Fatimah_al-Zahraa.pdf QUESTIONS_for_Lesson_12.pdf Questions _for_Lesson_6.pdf Questions_for_Lesson_1.pdf Questions_for_Lesson_10.pdf Questions_for_Lesson_11.pdf Questions_for_Lesson_2.pdf Questions_for_Lesson_3.pdf Questions_for_Lesson_4.pdf Questions_for_Lesson_5.pdf Questions_for_Lesson_7.pdf Questions_for_Lesson_8.pdf Questions_for_Lesson_9.pdf Lessons from the lives of  those