ICF Expansion Project

ICF Expansion project to find an expanded facility for next 15 years is still alive and team of 25+ volunteers are meeting on a regular basis to make it happen. Technical team is meeting once a week on Mondays after Asar and have evaluated potential sites that are being reviewed and assessed against our long term needs.

Our community is growing rapidly and to plan for next 15 years, decisions are being made very cautiously with everybody’s input. ICF Expansion project General meeting is held on every Saturday after Duhur.
If you want to sign up as a volunteer for the project, send an email to info@icfbayarea.com
We humbly request donors to come forward and fulfill their pledges.

Be a part of laying the foundation for the new location of Islamic Center of Fremont by donating now.

Donations to ICF are tax-deductible

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The needs of our community are growing by the day. There are many new families that have moved into Fremont, Warm Springs, Milpitas & its neighboring communities. There is a need of space for prayers and educational programs since there is no Islamic institution nearby.
Alhamdullillah, Allah(SWT) has blessed us with the opportunity to acquire a new building in Fremont.
We have a vision for the next 15 years where we see this location having;
  • Musalla for five daily prayers.
  • ILM Academy – A full time Islamic school serving K-8 grades.
  • Sunday School which teaches Islamic principles and prayer, Islamic history, Quranic reading and Quranic Arabic.
  • Creative thinking and public speaking classes,
  • Much needed space for Jumuah, Taraweeh and Eid Salahs.
  • Daycare, public library, and after school Maktab programs.
  • Religious Programs such as Quran recitation, Hizf and Alim program for girls.
  • Programs for Youth and Community such as Halaqas, Family Nights, Gym, Boy/Girl Scouts, Tech Institute, Medical Clinic and Family Counseling services.
But for this we need your help. We need you to make dua for this project, to support this project and get your friends and family to support it.
Please donate generously for your community center and make dua to make this a successful project. The current ICF location at Irvington will continue to serve the community!
We are requesting donations for the new building in the following amounts:
  • $5000
  • $4000
  • $3000
  • $2000
  • $1000
  • $500