ICF Saturday Youth Class

This is a series of lectures / courses covering a wide range of topics and is meant for the youth of the community. Alhamdulillah we have completed about 20 courses on different topics so far. Each course is designed to run for about 12 weeks, followed by exams and recognition of the students.

A course handout is provided in each class and the topics we have covered so far include the following:

  • Islamic teachings book Taleem-ul-Haq
  • Seerah of Prohet Salllalhu Alaihi Wassalam
  • Seerah of various prophets Alihum Salam
  • Taharat
  • Salah
  • Advanced Course On Salah
  • Islamic Etiquettes and Manners
  • Ramadhan
  • Etiquettes of children in school
  •  One minute Islamic Studies + Taleem ul Haq
  • Sunnat And Adaab
  • Islam – The Way Of Life
  • Lessons from the lives of Sahaba
  • Lessons from the noble Quran
  • How to be kind to your parents
  • Lives of young companions
  • Lessons from the lives of Sahabiyat (Women Companions)
  • Islamic Manners
  • Lessons From Lives of Those Who Went Astray

Notes from Previous Classes

Lessons from his Life

How to be Kind to your Parents

Islam the Way of Life

Islamic Manners

Lessons from the Lives of Sahaba

Lessons from the Lives of Sahabiyat

Lessons from the Lives of Those Who Went Astray

Lessons from the Noble Quran

Lives of Young Companions

Sunnat and Adaab

Zipped Folders of the Lesson (Grouped by Topic)