Dars-e-Hadith (Sundays)

This is a series of lectures to teach various classical text of hadith and other hadith work.

You can find the previously taught courses on various topics at www.bayaans.org

Currently the following text is being taught.

Bidayatul Hidaya

By Imam Ghazali

Pre-requisites : None.

Course duration : Open and continuously running. Can join anytime.
Timings : Every Sunday after Asr
Teacher : Mufti Muddassir
Language : Urdu
Email address for this program : icfclasses@yahoo.com
Weekly Dars-e-Hadith will be relayed live through teleconferencing. Every Sunday after Asr (6:15 PM PDT)

Dial-in Number : 1-712-832-8300

Participant Access Code : 672679