ILM Academy Enrollment

Ilm Academy opens its doors today for re-enrollment for the new academic  year 2021-22 on January 14, 2021. Enrollment for new students will commence from January 28, 2021. Ilm Academy is proud to announce the addition of grade 9 to its roster.  For complete information regarding grade 9, including prospectus and enrollment application, please contact the school office. 

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our Ilm Academy families for working so closely with us in ensuring that the students’ education remained uninterrupted during the period of virtual education. The staff of Ilm Academy is highly appreciative of this support and cooperation. 

This year, in order to make the process of re-enrollment simple and safe for parents, we have created the option of submitting the re-enrollment form online. If you still prefer to submit your application in person, you are free to submit it in the school office on any Tuesday after the week of January 25 between the hours of 9 am-2pm. 

The online re-enrollment form can be accessed here:

We look forward to welcoming all our students back for another great, healthy, and prosperous year at Ilm Academy.