Organization Contact Directory

Team Point of Contact Email Address Details
Religious Matters Mufti Mudassir Ovais Spiritual and Religious related questions.
Iqra School Ashfaq Muhammad Hifz & A’alim Programs
Operations Owais Khalid / Hammad Syed All ICF Operations, Facilitity Usage, Programs Approval, etc.
Finance Suhel Ahmed
All financial matters in cash or kind (Zakat, donations, loans etc) & reciepts
Communications Naseer Irfan
Internal and external communications including website, social media, email etc
Outreach Naseer Irfan
Responsible for all social programs like Feed the needy, Abode, homeless efforts etc
Daily Maktab Tariq Saeed ICF Daily Maktab
Tutoring Jamsa Salahuddin ICF After School Tutoring
ILM Academy Adnan Makda ILM Academy – School under ICF
Facilities Abdul Aleem Facilities related questions & concerns related to both buildings.
Sunday School Imtiaz Mastan Weekly Sunday School