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By the grace of Allah Subhana-hu-wa-Taala, ICF was established in 1996 as there was no Masjid in the area between North Fremont and Milpitas. And most of the community around … Read More

ICF Youth Program

Notes from Previous Classes Lessons from his life Character_of_the_Prophet.pdf Enduring_Hardships.pdf Forgiveness_and_Pardon.doc He_As_Family_Man.doc His_Forbearance.doc His_Patience.doc His_Patience_II.doc His_Trust.doc His_generosity.doc His_miracles.doc Kindness_to_animals.doc Practice_Worksheet_for_Lessons_from_His_Life.pdf The_Beloved_Teacher_of_Mankind.doc How to be kind to your parents 3_Important_Stories.pdf AADAAB_OF_PARENTS.pdf … Read More