Prayer Registration Form

Assalamualaykum, We hope everyone is in sihha and ‘afiyah. Alhamdulillah, in accordance with the updated guidelines from the Department of Health, we will be starting regular and Jumah prayers from Friday, June 19 at both ICF and Masjid Zakariya. The following guidelines are mandatory and absolute cooperation from the community is necessary.Failure to adhere to the guidelines could result in penalization by the authorities to individuals and/or organization, and we may be prevented from conducting future services. 
Please read the requirements carefully and let us know of any questions.
*DO NOT COME TO MASJID:*⁃If you have a cough, fever, shortness of breath, or any other COVID-19 symptoms.⁃If you recently had close contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19.⁃If you are considered high-risk for COVID-19 due to underlying health conditions or any other reason.  ⁃If you’re below the age of 12 or above the age of 65
*MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS:*⁃Come to the masjid in state of wudhu⁃Wear a face mask at all times⁃Bring your own prayer rug⁃Bring your own Quran or use your phone⁃Maintain 6ft distance at all times⁃DO NOT hang around, socialize, hug or shake hands
*PRAYERS SETUP:*⁃Masjid area will remain closed to the general public at all times at both ICF and Masjid Zakariya⁃At ICF – All prayers will be held in the parking lot⁃At Masjid Zakariya – All prayers will be held in the gym area⁃Prayer positions will be marked based on the capacity allowed⁃No tarps, carpets or any flooring will be available⁃Shoe racks, bathrooms, wudhu areas are NOT available
*WHAT TO DO:*⁃Register yourself for the prayer you’re intending to offer at⁃Every member of the family needs to register (no block registration)⁃Entrance to Masjid Zakariya’s gym will be from the loading dock⁃Come to masjid only for Fardh prayers and leave right after the prayers⁃Offer your sunnah/nafl prayers at home⁃Form a single file line when entering and exiting the masjid⁃Keep your shoes next to you (bring your own plastic bag) and do not leave them at the entrances⁃Offer prayers at the designated markings on your own prayer mats
*PEOPLE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND THE MASJID IF:*⁃They are in any violation of directions set by the Department of Health⁃They are in any violation of guidelines in the “Do not come to masjid” section⁃They fail to register and show the registration number at the entrance⁃They do not wear a mask or carry their own prayer mat
*REQUEST:*⁃We are doing our best to accommodate everybody and keep the masjids open. We have been cautioned that violation of guidelines could result in penalties individually and/or to the organization, and we may be forced to shut down the services. Hence we humbly request you all to please cooperate with the volunteers and make lots of Duas.⁃Our sisters have been in the forefront whenever there’s a need and we have one more request for them. With the guidelines, we have been able to make arrangements only for men, hence we request our sisters to please offer your prayers at home until we get more leeway.
We pray that Allah ﷻ grants us good health and sincere faith. Ameen.
Jazakallah Khayran.