Tuesday Fiqah class

This is a series of classes / lectures related to Fiqah (Islamic Jurisprudence). In the past the classical fiqah text “Nurul-Idah” was taught and the following topics have been covered so far.

  • Fiqah of Ramadhan
  • Fiqah of Janazah
  • Kitabut Taharah
  • Kitabus Salah
  • Fiqah-ul-Ma’amlat

You can find the previously completed courses at www.bayaans.org

Pre-requisites: None.
Course duration : Open and continuously running. Can join anytime.
Timings : Every Tuesday after Maghrib
Teacher : Mufti Muddassir
Language : Urdu
High level course curriculum – TBD
Download form to register in this program – Register at the class
Email address for this program : icfclasses@yahoo.com
Download flyer for this program : TBD