ICF Tutoring

Established in Fall 2017, the ICF Tutoring Program is a youth-led initiative created to provide an
affordable tutoring and college prep service that offers a safe, creative environment geared
towards local Bay Area youth.
We are currently running virtual sessions for English and Math for K-12 as well as our seasonal
college application review sessions. We provide both private 1:1 tutoring ($25/hr) and group
tutoring ($15/hr) sessions and plan to add more classes based on community need.

REGISTER HERE for English and Math Sessions
REGISTER HERE for College Application Reviews with UC Alumni

We welcome all prospective parents to visit or call our tutoring center to receive information
about our tutoring program, meet our tutors, and registration. Our goal is to provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision about your child’s future education.
Our dedicated team of volunteers is committed and looks forward to providing an enriching
Are you interested in getting involved in the community? The ICF Tutoring Program is looking to expand its team!
This is a great opportunity to:

  • make a difference in our community
  • work with a dynamic collaborative team
  • gain professional experience

If interested, please APPLY HERE

Meet our Team:

Neha Yilayavilli – Program Director
After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, Neha has been involved in developing programs that
empower students and women within her Muslim community by providing further access to
educational and professional resources. As the Program Director, she hopes to increase youth
involvement within ICF and offer a platform for them to become leaders of the growing Muslim
community. Currently, Neha is a Project Manager in the biotechnology industry and enjoys
hiking, gardening, and cooking in her free time.

Sarah Tasnim – Marketing Lead
Sarah recently graduated from UC Berkeley, where she discovered her passion for community
outreach. She is currently involved in local organizations and clinics that provide accessible
healthcare, food, and supplies to underserved communities. As Marketing Lead, she hopes to
inform the Muslim community of educational resources and encourage community members to
invest in each other through volunteer work and mentorships. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys
spending time with her cats, exploring coffee shops, and baking.

Atikha Yilayavilli – Diversity and Inclusion Lead
Atikha is a third-year undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Integrative Biology and Public
Health. She is passionate about combating issues within minority populations such as health
and gender inequity. As the Diversity and Inclusion Lead, she hopes to encourage a
collaborative and inclusive environment within the Muslim community that allows members to
both uplift one another and take advantage of available resources. In her free time, Atikha
enjoys exploring the Bay Area and painting

Luqman (Kyaw Min Oo) – Community Engagement Lead
Luqman is currently studying Computer Science at De Anza College. Through an internship at a
non-profit, Luqman first experienced the joy of helping others where he learnt about
networking, working in a collaborative environment, and proactively finding opportunities.
Since then, he has worked extensively tutoring junior students in STEM subjects as well as
helping students in Burma study abroad through mentoring. Through the role of the
Community Engagement Lead, he hopes to empower Muslim youth and enrich the community
engagement through organizing events like hackathon, networking sessions, and other events
much wanted by the community. Luqman usually types away during comfy mornings on the
weekends learning network and databases, hoping to land an internship. 

Hadi Bagdadi – Communications Coordinator
Hadi Bagdadi is currently a Computer Science student at Ohlone College, collecting his
requirements for transfer to UC Davis, and he is also a part of Darus Suffah’s Alim Program. He
graduated from high school in 2021 and completed his Hifz in 2018. Hadi spends his free time
playing sports, mainly basketball and volleyball, and hanging out with friends.

Fayha Kauser – Community Engagement Coordinator
Fayha is currently an 11th grader at Washington High School. She has been getting involved in a
variety of community service organizations that help academically prepare students for success.
As the Engagement Coordinator, she strives to promote ICF’s tutoring program to a variety of
age groups withing the Muslim community and to help grow the program overall. Fayha enjoys
baking, volunteering at the local animal shelter, and biking in her free time. 

Aayesha Jamsa – Advisor
Aayesha has a master’s in Software Engineering from San Jose State University and is involved
in volunteering of various ICF programs. She has been an integral member of developing the ICF
Tutoring Program in 2017. Aayesha is currently working professionally as Software Engineer,
pursuing Islamic Studies with Quranic Arabic language course from a religious school. She enjoys workouts and cooking.